It’s strange how the mind works… memory can be tied so much to atmosphere, and what we create around us is often based on a memory that brings us joy. Bobby and I took a much-needed vacation a few years …

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This home always shines. A bywater neighbor took her grief and turned it into the brightest light in the Bywater.

I suppose we all live in New Orleans because we “get” that it’s a special place, full of unique people and a freedom of thought and expression thrive here, unlike anywhere else. So when we speak of “living in a …

New Orleans… You have an OBLIGATION to shine. Read more »

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Even my office is a happy space, bringing the ivy and a tiny bromeliad to live in a bubble of glass on a brick wall.

Life, after all, is a work of art.  It’s our own creation, and what we leave behind is the memory of the life we’ve lived… I have to accept that my world is imperfect, often truly mad. Crime, inefficiency, sometimes …

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Since moving back to New Orleans, I feel all my efforts at an organized lifestyle have been completely derailed! My lush balcony overlooks our quiet neighborhood street in Fountainbleu/Marlyville, and we seem to get stuck out there, just watching things… …

Create your New Orleans “Bubble,” by styling around LIFE. Read more »

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