It’s almost here, and even though we’ve had a mild winter… New Orleans has spring fever.  For those thinking of doing Snowbird time here – it’s better than Florida, if you ask me. So much going on, but we just …

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New Orleans House on Audubon Park

Go ahead and start ranting about all the problems in New Orleans. Tell me why we’re crazy to move into, and not out of, this inefficient, crime-ridden, rat-infested sewer of a town.  Tell me about the schools.  Tell me about …

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This home always shines. A bywater neighbor took her grief and turned it into the brightest light in the Bywater.

I suppose we all live in New Orleans because we “get” that it’s a special place, full of unique people and a freedom of thought and expression thrive here, unlike anywhere else. So when we speak of “living in a …

New Orleans… You have an OBLIGATION to shine. Read more »

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