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For New Orleans families with children – keep up with the many wonderful things to do and kid-friendly venues in NOLA.

Kids’ Room Art They Don’t Outgrow…

Just a quick thought I wanted to share… Our son Bryce just turned eight.  We are in a strange in-between stage with his interests… some nights he wants to snuggle down into his soft little boy bedding, among the tractors,

Our Elf on the Shelf… On His Way Back to New Orleans!


9 Secrets to Outsmarting the Holiday Rush… Today.

This serene scene is what I imagine when I think of the holidays… but more and more often, I am caught at the last minute with all my good intentions gone by the wayside, and yet another holiday season weighing

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The New Orleans Healthy Eating Plan…

Healthy eating in New Orleans… Let’s be honest.  Bobby and I went out the other night for a quick bite of seafood… I thought, “Good.   I’ll eat fish.  No red meat right now.”  And then I ate fried crawfish patties,

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Kamakaze Popsicles… Getting Kids Involved in Healthy Eating

  It’s snow-ball season, and no one in New Orleans can resist the call of shaved ice and blue dye… even if it scares us when it comes out the day after! There are some things parents can’t help, and

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Surviving Summer – Healthy, Beautiful Snacks

It’s been a long, long hot summer.  Feels like we’re in for a hurricane this fall for sure. But while school is out and the kids are stuck inside, I’ve been giving more thought lately to making some appealing snacks

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