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New Orleans is full of wicked humor, satire and “wonderfully strange” things to laugh at every day. More than anything, we love to laugh at ourselves.

Saints vs Atlanta – DIRTY BIRD Stuffed Peppers

  Game Day is coming up… this Sunday, Saints vs. Atlanta. Not a home in New Orleans will be unaware of this important event.  Even my 83-year-old Mom will be tuned in, and we’ve got to do all the good-luck

Look What I GET TO DO Today…

One of the side effects of a job in sales is constant education – and inspiration. No one said it would be easy to create income from nothing, and I didn’t expect it to be.  I also didn’t expect it

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Halloween in NOLA… It’s kind of a Big Deal.

Even wearing shorts and panting our way through the streets, we could tell fall had REALLY arrived when the State Street skeletons went up.  It’s a landmark day each year, and it happens overnight, via some NOLA magic.  There must

Blue Dog in New Orleans… Sorry, Ty!

We’re working on Halloween costumes right now, and eight-year-old, Bryce, wants to know what Ty is going to be.  Ty is our dog… a rescue sheltie (we think), and a pretty good sport about most things. Well… have a look,

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Summer Camp in New Orleans… How to find one that wears them out…

Summer camp in New Orleans is serious business. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of choices, and everyone has a favorite. Why is camp such a big deal? Maybe it’s because our children “in town” have small yards, few areas

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