Snowbirds in New Orleans

Snowbirds:  Our friends from the north who visit every year to escape the cold.

I’ve been surprised over the past few years how many calls I get from Snowbirds who want to spend the winter in New Orleans.  I handle lots of furnished homes and condos

and those seeking a warm place for the winter have found us!  In early February I took these pictures of my garden.

First there was Harry, from New York.  He rides in the Endymion parade every year, and he stayed a whole month on his first visit.  The next year, it was three months.  Now he has a standing reservation with me on the first of every November for a SIX month stay… (he actually came early for Halloween this year…)   Looks like Harry is a half-time New Orleanian now.

Then there others… this has become routine.

I love it that people who don’t live here are sometimes as passionate as we are about calling New Orleans home.  In many cases, our Snowbirds DO eventually call it home, and that transition doesn’t always take long.  Snowbirds come down, and then they just won’t leave.

We love when that happens.



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