Enjoying Spring in New Orleans

It’s almost here, and even though we’ve had a mild winter… New Orleans has spring fever.  For those thinking of doing Snowbird time here – it’s better than Florida, if you ask me.

So much going on, but we just call it daily life.  Mardi Gras, then everything is in bloom, festivals begin, kids start to play ball – head outdoors anywhere in New Orleans, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the multitude of things for families to do.

We live Uptown, and I can’t stop taking pictures this year of how beautiful everything is, so I thought I’d share some of it here for those who think New Orleans is just a facade for tourists at Mardi Gras.  It’s also a truly wonderful place to live, and it’s a well-kept secret that we have so much fun all year long.


Since the end of December, we’ve had three days under 50 degrees.  In fact, I never got to put the summer clothes away – or unpack all the sweaters.  We’ve been digging them out as needed, and that’s not been very often.

And for gardeners… it’s a dream this year.  No freezes, and I was able to add some charming touches down our driveway.  We were dead set on finding a house with off-street parking; but in real life, it’s inconvenient to have this long, long driveway and have to move cars when one of us want out.  Might as well use it as more party space.  I even hung a little table and chairs on the fence, for quick breaks from our home office.

So, here we go.  It’s still a few more weeks to spring, but we’re already gardening, parading, celebrating… 2020 is going to be a great year!



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