I Just Sold My First New Construction. WOW.

This new build on Robert Street is solid, beautiful, and feels like a New Orleans home already.

It’s hard to believe, but in ten years of selling real estate, this is the first time I’ve sold new construction!

I do focus on historic homes and condo buildings created from 100 year old warehouses, and I’ve always attracted buyers who feel the same way about New Orleans history.

But this client came to me from a referral in Illinois, and the proud new owner has truly found her perfect house.  As a single student at Tulane, she will have a worry-free warranty from the builder, all-new appliances, and she’ll be able to bring in a room mate to off-set expenses.

I can’t argue with the logic of it; but what about the house itself?  Well… I love it.

This home fits right into its Uptown neighborhood.  It has twelve foot ceilings throughout, high quality finishes; including windows that really let the light in, and the most gracious back porch you could ask for – with a baby blue ceiling.  They did it right.

It’s good to know that this possibility exists for buyers who often freak out about our “New Orleans problems.”  We may be used to old termite damage, mildew issues, old wiring, crumbling plumbing and the inevitable air conditioning unit woes… but many who move here from elsewhere are shocked by how we take these things in stride.  I have to admit it was a pleasure to go through inspections and turn in a very short punch list of minor tweaks that were needed, and we’re rocking on toward closing with no issues at all.



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