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Another New Orleans Morning

It’s not even 10 am and I’ve got my errands around town done, arriving back home in a state of mind completely adjusted by my drive. It’s the little things here that make the morning. On the way to drop

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Your Signature Perfume… And How to Share It

Two years ago when I decided to commit to our front courtyard as my own “yard,” I dreamed of blooms and vines and everything in happy colors in the spring. My gardening experience boils down to four house plants I’ve

New Orleans is a Crazy Cat Lady…

New Orleans is a crazy cat lady… and we are her cats. Some of us were born here, and some of us are adopted. Some are misfits who wandered in and never left. We are instinctive cats, creative cats, cats

Our Elf on the Shelf… On His Way Back to New Orleans!


Homeless for the Holidays

  Our homeless population in New Orleans has always been a topic of controversy.  What causes these people to be homeless?  Why don’t they help themselves?  What are their stories?  Are they scamming?  Are they faking?  Are they mentally ill? 

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