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Feng Shui in New Orleans?  Sure, why not? Many years ago I learned just enough about Feng Shui to be “aware” of the energy (chi) in my home; so when all else fails…

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Just a quick thought I wanted to share… Our son Bryce just turned eight.  We are in a strange in-between stage with his interests… some nights he wants to snuggle down into his soft little boy bedding, among the tractors,

Well, New Orleans, school is out for summer, and it’s time for camp!  I took a look at the camp list on the New Orleans Mom’s Blog and felt the same way I feel when I open a Gambit on any

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Go ahead and start ranting about all the problems in New Orleans. Tell me why we’re crazy to move into, and not out of, this inefficient, crime-ridden, rat-infested sewer of a town.  Tell me about the schools.  Tell me about

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It’s strange how the mind works… memory can be tied so much to atmosphere, and what we create around us is often based on a memory that brings us joy. Bobby and I took a much-needed vacation a few years

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