Rookie Feng Shui for Wealth!

Rookie Feng Shui for Wealth!
The "wealth area" of our house is our gutted kitchen. That explains a lot...

Feng Shui in New Orleans?  Sure, why not?

Many years ago I learned just enough about Feng Shui to be “aware” of the energy (chi) in my home; so when all else fails… I turn to Feng Shui for cures to life challenges, and it works!

In a nutshell, Feng Shui is an ancient art practiced by the Chinese to align the energies in a home with the energies of the earth, creating harmonious living which can enhance the quality of any part of life.  There’s a “bagua” (chart) used to guide the use of different areas of the home; like a floor plan grid, with each area having significance to a different area of life and being.

When I started my first business, my secretary and I used Feng Shui enhancements around the office and experienced near-miracles every time we tweaked the energy around us… so was it science, voodoo, or state of mind?

Who cares?

My experience has been that when my intention is set on a certain outcome, I’m able to create it in reality with focused attention.  Perhaps the outward support of changing my environment to match my intentions is what Feng Shui is in my home – but I’ve seen dramatic things happen when attention is paid to symbols and energies in my home and office… so my “Aha!” moment this morning is something blog-worthy that I want to share so that my NOLA friends and clients can follow this particular journey from start to finish.

Back story:  We purchased our home in February of this year.  The flow of Chi through the home was the last thing on our minds over the past few months.  The flow of electricity and water were priority (really), and just getting it renovated enough to move into it has consumed us for the last seven months – never mind space and flow of spiritual energy – we just needed walls and floors!

The house was a crazy, white maze of mirrors, plaster, windows and spangly chandeliers; a beautiful 1927 Spanish revival home with all the grace of that period, strong bones, and a serious flooding problem – not to mention old wiring and plumbing.

Now, after a VERY long few months of renovation, Bobby has reclaimed 90% of the basement, created an apartment downstairs, and everything upstairs in our living space is updated, warm and feels like vacation – except the kitchen and master bath.

Needless to say, with our old home still in our possession until next month, the “wealth factor” in life has been somewhat like a bleeding dragon.  The stress of rebuilding, the stress of maintaining the other home… these things have been piled on our heads for so long that I completely forgot that energy can be harnessed – and now that we have electricity and running water (LOL), I’ve decided to pay attention to controlling the unseen forces that could be helping us get through the end of the project.

So… the bagua indicates that the WEALTH sector of our home is – you guessed it – the back left corner of the house.   The gutted kitchen.

The suggestions I’ve seen for supporting the wealth sector are:

  • Moving water
  • Money tree
  • Crystals
  • Remove clutter…

Well, this project is two months from even starting… not sure how to get moving water (it’s shut off to the kitchen because of a leak), money tree (gotta look into this… my mom always said there wasn’t any such thing), crystals – Bryce just grew one… and remove clutter.  Remove clutter.  Remove clutter.  Ouch.

Keeping in mind that intention and focus on energy are very powerful… I’m getting to work on this after my open house today.  Immediately!

I’ll do an update next week after I work on it a bit – and more importantly, when results begin to flow with the improved movement of Chi through my gutted kitchen.



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6pm UPDATE:  This just happened.  Today, the same day I decided to focus intentions on our wealth area… I bought a little turtle.  As a symbol of wealth, I was going to have him stay in the kitchen in his bowl until the renovation takes place… but it’s just too gross in there right now.  So, I just put him in the entry with the beta fish…

No sooner was our little wealth symbol installed in his new home, another home I’ve had listed for sale for nearly five months was shown.   A cash offer was made right away, which the seller accepted.  BOOM.  A new sale on the books – stagnant energy in motion again!

Tomorrow – cleaning up the clutter!  Can’t wait to see what shakes loose!


(These are some very simple, easy-to-use guides for feng-shui that I use for reference ALL the time… See the links below, get great info, and help support NolaBubble!)


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