Kids’ Room Art They Don’t Outgrow…

Kids’ Room Art They Don’t Outgrow…

Just a quick thought I wanted to share…

Our son Bryce just turned eight.  We are in a strange in-between stage with his interests… some nights he wants to snuggle down into his soft little boy bedding, among the tractors, trucks and airplanes he has always loved.

Then again, there are days he tells me he wants some new Star Wars stuff for his room decor… so we bought a Darth Vader sleeping bag, trying to hold off a complete redo of his new room during our move.

And there are those passing interests that may or may not last…  His great passion for horses at the moment started at camp this summer at Cascade Stables. 

So, horses are the perfect room decoration for a guy his age right now.  But six months from now?  Soccer?  Harry Potter?  Power Rangers?  It would be expensive to try to keep his room reflecting his current tastes!

Anyway, I think I’ve found a brilliant solution for these little phases.  I made some “fine art” photos in my phone by filtering some camp pictures to black and white, and cropping them up close so that Bryce and his favorite horse, Tyson, are gazing directly into the camera.  Another of him riding adds a little distance to the thought… and voila!  I put them on 8×8 print-to-canvas ($11 each) and we’ve now got a very cool looking art collection making his room look a little older… without much effort.   A few real horseshoes hung between them completes it – a gift from our neighbors for his birthday.

So… $33.00 in redecorating… happy eight-year-old, priceless.

And I can just give these away to his grandmother when he moves onto the next great passion and needs wall space for something else.  Hopefully it’s not wrestling.




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