Inviting a friend to my kitchen brought us... shepherd's pie!

  Since Bobby finished our kitchen renovation, I have to admit – I’m hooked on the idea of what this room brings to our lives. For me, it’s been the symbolic slave galley of motherhood for 30 years.  Martha Stewart …

NOLA Hospitality… Sometimes Means Sharing Your Kitchen! Read more »

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REAL fruit popsicles

  It’s snow-ball season, and no one in New Orleans can resist the call of shaved ice and blue dye… even if it scares us when it comes out the day after! There are some things parents can’t help, and …

Kamakaze Popsicles… Getting Kids Involved in Healthy Eating Read more »

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It’s been a long, long hot summer.  Feels like we’re in for a hurricane this fall for sure. But while school is out and the kids are stuck inside, I’ve been giving more thought lately to making some appealing snacks …

Surviving Summer – Healthy, Beautiful Snacks Read more »

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