Styling Your Bubble

As you can see from our photos from our own home, we mastered the ability to “live in a bubble” in our New Orleans home… which happened to be in Destrehan.  Before getting back to the city, we did what we could to transform our space into the old world style we had come to love in NOLA.

But what about the physical limitations built into the background of every property? Our homes…with all their quirks and flaws and charm…

When you step out of bed, what do your feet touch?

When you pour that first cup of coffee or kick your shoes off at the end of the day… what bubble surrounds you? What does it look like, feel like and smell like?

Involving style in our lives is much more than “decorating.” It’s the creation of our own world, as we want it, and reflects the energy of our homes. It hugs our children. It lulls us to sleep in a storm.

Let’s work through the inconveniences at home and the things that crash our vision of a perfect world to live in.

Let’s style your space so you can float on air where you live – just like a bubble.