I’ve been using the NextDoor app to keep up with events in Uptown New Orleans.   It’s designed to keep neighbors in touch with one another, and is a great platform for announcing local events, things for sale, lost and found, and a helpful resource for all kinds of things.

It is also the most entertaining thing I’ve found to read since Chris Rose wrote for the Times Picayune back in the day – I’ll bet the geeks who made this app had no idea how surreal its content would be in the hands of NOLA neighbors.

Really.   You’ve got to download NextDoor and keep in touch with your ‘hood – here’s just one thread I’ve been following for a few weeks.   I just had to do screenshots, rather than try to recreate the posts out of context here.   Only in NOLA can an innocent question become a hilarious chain of local commentary like this.



Skeletons Uptown... rising up to trick and treat!

Yes, Halloween is a season here.  It’s already started.   Yesterday, September 21, a full month and ten days before Halloween, the first lawn decorations were spotted on State Street, almost coinciding with the appearance of Christmas decorations at Wal Mart and Home Depot.

Big difference, though.  Our neighbors on State Street have no retail ambitions or goals that must be met as a result of their early introduction of a new season.   They’re just milking the extra ten days for an extended period of satire and fun, and probably have no intention of causing even more traffic backups on State in the morning.

It was too late as I passed them yesterday, but I vowed this morning I would slow down and snap some pictures.   Or get out of the car and investigate.   Be part of the problem with carpool traffic.  Can’t help it.

Skeletons!   PIRATE skeletons!  Oh yeah… my day is looking up already.

I had to pull over and snap some pictures, even though this display is still in progress.   All the while, my second grader, Bryce, is twisting his hands in Carpool Related Anxiety (CRA), “Mom, we’re going to be late.   We can look at the Halloween stuff later!”

Too late.   My inner child just started cutting up.

Let the Halloween season begin!  Can’t wait for the political skeleton yard on St. Charles to appear!

Anne Beck,

NOLA optimist, Bubble Dweller

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