Summer Camp in New Orleans… How to find one that wears them out…

Summer Camp in New Orleans… How to find one that wears them out…

Summer camp in New Orleans is serious business. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of choices, and everyone has a favorite.

Why is camp such a big deal? Maybe it’s because our children “in town” have small yards, few areas to play outdoors, and meeting up with friends in the neighborhood isn’t as simple as sending them down the street… so camp is a great way to make sure the kids have active play time all summer long, opportunities to swim and run, and social interaction until school starts again.

We’ve done several camps over the years, and I had the mindset that we could find the right one and settle in.

That worked, but like everything else in the life of a kid in summer, after a few weeks of too much fun, I had to hear, “I don’t want to go to camp. It’s boring.”

What we have decided to try this year is a camp-hopping game, suggested by my friend, Danielle. She’s got a list of all the camps, has her sons scheduled for different ones each week – and I think that’s a great idea. With so many options, there’s no reason to be stuck in one place, bored.

To find a new camp – or two or three – it’s as easy as a Google search. You can find endless lists of camps in New Orleans online. But also ask around. Ask friends and classmates their favorite camps, which they’ve experienced, which ones they want to try. So far, once I explain that we’re “camp-hopping” this year, other Moms want in. We’re coordinating our kids for the same weeks at different camps, so there will be some familiar faces and friends when everything else is new.

For me, the important thing to remember is that summer is for kids. It was for me, it was for most of us. Summer should be filled with warm sun and ice cream and lots of running, playing out loud and enjoying the unscheduled freedom of down-time from the pressures of school. Our kids are getting great educations, so summer can be a time to relax, get out from under the judgement of grades, and just be a happy kid who lives in quirky New Orleans.

Stay tuned for our updates as we experiment.

Anne Beck
Camp-hopping Mom of a second grader

A hint from last year. I made lunches ahead every Sunday, ready for the busy mornings before camp drop off. I used these to keep everything fresh:

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