Tropical plants, abundant in NOLA, come in many fall colors.

** Please Tweet or Share this post with your New Orleans friends! Everyone loves a holiday in New Orleans. Who are we kidding?  We ARE a holiday in New Orleans, and we’re pretty competitive about decorating for just about every …

How to Decorate from Halloween thru Mardi Gras – A Unique New Orleans Problem! Read more »

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The famous New Orleans BLUE DOG

We’re working on Halloween costumes right now, and eight-year-old, Bryce, wants to know what Ty is going to be.  Ty is our dog… a rescue sheltie (we think), and a pretty good sport about most things. Well… have a look, …

Blue Dog in New Orleans… Sorry, Ty! Read more »

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Skeletons Uptown... rising up to trick and treat!

Yes, Halloween is a season here.  It’s already started.   Yesterday, September 21, a full month and ten days before Halloween, the first lawn decorations were spotted on State Street, almost coinciding with the appearance of Christmas decorations at Wal Mart …

Halloween Season in New Orleans Read more »

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